This years Christmas Club matures on October 9th. Due to this being a Sunday and the following day a holiday, funds will be available on Tuesday October 11th.


Funds will automatically transfer into your savings account unless we hear otherwise from you. The 2016-2017 Christmas Club will automatically start with your next pay period at the same amount. If you would like to change or cancel your Christmas Club for the next year please notify us at 822-8500.







The Maine Credit Union League has received calls from multiple credit unions regarding text messages that have been recently received by members.  These messages inform the member that their debit card has been compromised and to call a toll free number.  When the member calls, they are asked to provide their card number and CVV2 code.  At this time, two toll free numbers have been reported (844-334-6152 and 844-611-0709); however, other numbers could be associated with this phishing scheme.  Both of these numbers have been reported to the FCC as well as the Secret Service for further investigation. Please report any suspicious activity to us as soon as possible.




Our personal loan special rate has been continued!

Get up to $5,000.00 for up to 5 years at 9.99%

The funds can be directly deposited into your account with us or you can request a check.

See a credit union rep for an application or a printable version is now available under the "Products" tab.